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To spruce up your bathroom, consider a renovation. For a lifetime, enjoy your remodel with no messy or disruptive demolition work! What we mean to say is a bathroom remodel is the perfect way to enhance your bathroom’s look and you don’t have to worry about it being a hassle.

“When considering a bathroom remodel in our children’s bathroom, B&T Construction made the process effortless!”
Kurt McIntosh, Faxon Oklahoma

Your bathroom is one of the most expensive rooms to remodel per square foot. In fact, the average cost of a bathroom remodel Faxon OK is $10,457. This is because no bathroom remodel is complete without beautiful new fixtures, which can be costly. However, when compared to remodeling a kitchen, bathroom renovations are easier and cheaper! This is especially true when doing the kids’ bathroom.

Bathrooms are typically the smallest rooms people have renovated, but there’s a lot in these rooms. Your best tool in saving costs on your bathroom remodel is coming up with a realistic budget to remodel your bathroom and sticking with it. Doing this can lead a small bathroom to costing as little as $3,500.

Why Bathroom Remodeling is a Good Idea

The cost of a bathroom remodel in Faxon, Oklahoma is expensive, yes-but remodeling a bathroom is not just “throwing money down the drain”. While the remodel may cost you several thousand dollars, you’ll get back what you spend on your remodel by increasing the value of your home!

Plus, going through professional bathroom remodel ideas when planning a bathroom remodel will help get an idea of what’s most popular in Faxon, which will then help increase property value.

For instance, a small bathroom with a shower is one of our most popular bathroom ideas for small bathrooms. While a permit is required for bathroom remodels that include the shower, if your bathroom is smaller you may want to consider something like that.

However, if you want something more like a master bathroom remodel in Faxon OK, you may see an even larger increase in property value. This bathroom is the space many homeowners are looking at for luxury and is often the best way to spend money on your bathroom remodel.

Tips for Cutting Costs in Your Own Remodel

In part, the master bathroom will have the highest bathroom remodel cost. There many factors that play into this like the size of your bathroom, do you want a remodel of the master bathroom with flooring & a vanity, do you want a custom shower remodel with earth tone tiles and glass mosaics, etc..

With that said, going less extreme with a mid-range bathroom remodel or small bathroom remodel will cost a ton less. You’ll just have to ask, “How far do I want do go with this bathroom?” The bathroom is equally as important to your home as the bedroom, but many go too far in what they invest in remodels. Giving us every aspect of your remodel ideas will help us to lower costs.

And don’t worry, you won’t be resorting to some cheap home depot bathroom remodel with no inspiration. We understand the bathroom is a place where you spend a lot of time, so we ensure the space in your bathroom is exactly what you’ve been looking for when completing a bathroom remodel.

Ready to start the work on your bathroom remodel? Call us at (855) 340-9813 and join the customers who had us take on their bathroom remodel! Renovating your bathroom is a big project, so choose the company with 60+ years experience in bathroom remodeling Faxon OK to remodel your home’s bathroom. Call today!

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